Speciality Lab Kits

We offer blood draws using specialized labs that provide a variety of screening kits, including cancer screenings, genetic testing, prenatal testing, and many more. Each of these labs has their own unique policies, which we work closely with to ensure your experience is seamless and fulfilling.

As a part of these services we mail the labs out OR drop them off to the assigned lab for you.

Experience with the following Specialty Kits:



Access Medical


Our Partners Specialties Include:

*Early Gender Results at 6 weeks

* Specialty Lab kits

* Routine Bloodwork and Specimen Collection

*Paternity Testing (Informational & Legal)

*IV Hydration

*Micronutrient testing that measures functional deficiencies at the cellular level

*Lipoprotein Particle Profile - Lipoprotein particles are responsible for plaque formation that can lead to cardiovascular disease

Visit our Partners Websites for more information on specific tests